Oliver Twist
Please sir can I have some more? Find out the answer as Oliver has 
to pick a pocket ot two in this retelling of Dickens' classic story!


The Jungle Book

I wanna walk like you, talk like you...singalong
& join the story of Mowgli & friends...and enemies...
in this interactive retelling of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale!




The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Can Dorothy find the wizard, defeat the witch, and get home back to Kansas?
An interactive, fun and song filled take on L' Frank Baum's classic...
we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of...you know how it goes...




King Arthur & the Knights
of the Round Table
Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin...all the gang are here!
for this fun take on this wonderful legend!



The Legend of Robin Hood
Let those arrows fly! Defeat the horrible Sheriff! Be a true hero!



The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three Goats, two meadows, one bridge...and one hungry,
green, mad, bad and dangerous to know troll!



Around the World in 80 Days
Join mysterious Phileas Fogg as he travels around the world from
Victorian London to the Wild West! Jules Verne's classic tale is
brought to life in this interactive, madly energetic, fast paced show!



Jack & the Beanstalk
Fo Fi Fo Fum! Can Jack save the day, his
cow, his farm and his mum?! Not if the
Giants got anything to do with it!


Perseus and the Gorgon

Fight the gorgon! Save the world!
Become an ancient Greek monster slaying hero!




Let down your golden hair! Meet the Prince!
But...watch out for the wicked witch!

George & the Dragon

Become a Knight! Save the Princess! Save the Kingdom!


Treasure Island

There be treaure & pirates aplenty for this retelling of Robert
 Louis Stevenson's classic tale! Why are pirates so wicked? Because they Arrr...


The Three Little Pigs

Build those houses, hurry! The Big
Bad Wolf is about to call! He'll Huff and
Puff, but don't let him in!


Thor's Hammer

Someones stolen Thor's might hammer!
Is it Loki again? All will be revealed in
this Viking legend of gods and giants!



Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Someones been eating Daddy, Mummy and Baby
bear's porridge, and they are not happy!


Little Red Riding Hood
Pick those flowers for Grandma...but
watch out for the Big Bad Wolf!


the Spider
Anansi is bored, he wants to hear stories, but all the
stories in the world belong to the Sky God...
lets start some mischief!

A traditional tale from Nigeria

Romulus and Remus
Bad Amulius has taken the throne from his
good brother...years later it's time to take it back...

A Legend of Ancient Rome


The Ramayana

A legendary tale from India...defeat the Demon
King, save the Princess, help the Monkey King
and restore goodness back to the world!